defending free and independent communities, le Z.A.D.

April 2018 – The Z.A.D. near Notre Dame des Landes in France is a self-sufficient, antiauthoritarian community for sustainable farming, off the grid living and a safe heaven for people from all over the world. Z.A.D. means ‘Zone à défendre’, a place to defend, which thousands of residents and supporters have been doing since the 1960s, when the French government planned to expropriate farms to build just another airport. The community has successfully resisted several violent attempts by police forces and built an example of society and solidarity. In February 2018, the government dropped the plan for the airport, but ecological and social activists are still fighting for their right to stay in their homes, which they have built and been living in since 2009, where they have created an equal, free spirited community beyond governmental control and limitations. During the latest eviction, the French police deployed a horrific amount of tear gas, stun grenades and other military weaponry with questionable, longterm effects on nature, farmlands and wildlife. Personally, this community has really inspired me and I am thankful for having the chance to meet people like these through my job.

the liberation of Mosul

May until June 2017 – After the terrorist organisation ISIS captured Mosul in Northern Iraq in June 2014 and announced its infamous caliphate, a battle of Mosul for its liberation started in November 2016 with the cooperation of the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Federal Police, Kurdish Peshmerga Forces and a US-led international coalition.

[UPATE:] In July 2017 the city was fully liberated which was displayed with the visit of Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi on July 9th 2017.



terror attack on Westminster Bridge, London

March 2017 – A man in a van, armed with a knife, attacked pedestrians and a police officer on Westminster Bridge in London on March 22nd, leaving 4 civilians, 1 police officer and the attacker, shot by police, dead.


G7 protest gets pepper sprayed, Garmisch-Patenkirchen

June 2015 – Thousands of people marched through Garmisch-Patenkirchen in Bavaria to protest against the G7 summit and its social, environmental and global policies. After riot police surrounded the peaceful protest and prevented the demonstration to keep on marching, a brief stand off followed. One protester used a fire extinguisher directed towards the riot police. The police used pepper spray, several protester got injured, 6 people were detained. The protests which took place the day after stayed peaceful.



revolutionary Mayday demo in Berlin

May 1st 2015 – Thousands of people marched through the streets in Berlin to protest against local, national and global policy with topics ranging from social, environmental and capitalistic issues. Compared to the rowdy Mayday demos in the late 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s the protest was calm with just 53 people being detained by police and 5 of them being charged for resisting arrest and breach of the peace.


70 year liberation of the KZ Sachsenhausen

April 17th 2015 – The memorial of the victims of Nazi Germany KZ Sachsenhausen on the 70 year anniversary of the liberation of the camp. More than 200.000 people were imprisoned, thousands were killed between 1936 and 1945 until Soviet and Polish troops arrived. Approximately 3.000 prisoners, doctors and nurses were found alive on the day of the liberation.


civil disobedience follows the murder of Mike Brown

Thai coup d’etat leads to martial law

May 2014 – The Commander of the Royal Thai Army General Prayut Chan-o-Cha declared a coup d’etat on May 22nd, just weeks after a court charged former Prime Minster Yingluck Shinawatra with abuse of power. The military junta under the name of National Council for Peace and Order [NCPO] dissolved the government and Senate, introduced martial law including a curfew, internet censorship and arrested political activists.

[UPDATE:] The court decision regarding Yingluck is expected to take place on August 25th 2017.



riots shake Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 2014 – Several cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina including Sarajevo were met with peaceful protests and violent riots. Thousands of people took to the streets to protest against high unemployment and a corrupt government. Municipal buildings were set on fire, police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon trucks to disperse the violent crowds.


the beginnings of the civil war in Ukraine

January until April 2014 – During the Maidan protest which led to the ousting of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich in February 2014 and an ongoing geopolitical stand off between NATO and Russia, thousands of people occupied the Independence Square in Kiev for several months. More than 100 people lost their lives in Kiev. In April 2014 Pro Russian seperatists have overthrown the regional governments in the Eastern cities of Lugansk or Donetsk which led to the ongoing civil war.

[UPDATE:] More than 10.000 people have died in the conflict.